BRANTA Concept Shoot

BRANTA is the pinnacle of Canada Goose’s story: Inspired by their relentless drive toward innovation, these limited edition seasonal collections are the elevated, imaginative evolution of their design DNA. BRANTA is boundary-pushing outdoor apparel designed for venturing outside and exploring within.

Project Scope:
Namara drew inspiration from the theme “Glacial Shifts, Changing Perspectives”, developed a conceptual framework for BRANTA, then conceived of, produced and installed in partnership with artists, a site-specific installation for a BRANTA Concept Shoot.
Ontario, Canada
Installation design:
Polymetis, Michaela MacLeod & Nick Croft
Creative Direction:
Canada Goose
Compaign Photo:
Szilvester Mako
Compaign Video:
Devin Kerringten
Drone and Timelapse:
Dialogue Creative
BTS Documentation:
Alex Fischer
BRANTA Campaign Photo
BRANTA Pattern with MAP Highlight
BRANTA Campaign Photo

Monument To Arctic Phenomena

For this project, artists Polymetis developed Monument To Arctic Phenomena (M.A.P.), a 20 foot diameter wood and 8 foot tall acrylic installation inspired by the BRANTA pattern.

Monuments serve as reminders. Typically, they commemorate an event or a person. While memory is fleeting, monuments encourage us to tell and retell stories - To invite a history we did not experience into our present lives. But what if the monument is for natural performances that exists in our world but out of reach to most?

M.A.P. endeavours to impart the awe-inspiring display of the aurora borealis and the intangibility of arctic sea smoke, arising from the ice floe. It aims to bring elements of the most exotic place on earth to urban audiences for consideration and contemplation. It sits in contrast with its location, aiming in earnest to remind its audience of the marvels of our world.

Polymetis later re-exhibited M.A.P. at Toronto's Nuit Blanche with additional audio components by Joseph Murray.

Polymetis, Monument To Arctic Phenomena (M.A.P.)




Polymetis, artists Michaela MacLeod & Nick Croft install M.A.P.


Initial concept design for M.A.P.
Iterative Scale Illustration for M.A.P.
Site scouting and 3D Rendered mockup.

BRANTA Campaign Photo
BRANTA Campaign Photo