weather patterns
public studio
paris design week

NAMARA was appointed to conceive of and curate an immersive art installation to support a brand launch in Paris. Presented in the observatory of BHV /Le Marais for Paris Design Week, this premiere exhibition is the design work of Public Studio, the collective art practices of filmmaker Elle Flanders and architect Tamira Sawatzky who gave shape to NAMARA’s concept. Weather Patterns brought a current of Canadian climate to Paris through a multimedia experience. .

As visitors advance through the spiral-shaped shelter, they become immersed within an atmospheric audiovisual installation that offers a shifting Canadian weather experience. Along the walls of the construction, expansive swaths of Canada Goose fabric hang floor to ceiling to resemble aurora borealis with its undulating gradations of greens and blues. A nod to Canada’s North. Overhead, computer-generated graphics fluctuate between vast starlit clarity, rolling clouds, and variable precipitation while an audio experience draws upon the urban weather and sounds of Toronto, Canada.

Canada Goose
Paris, France
Project Scope:
Develop conceptual framework for an experience at BHV / Le Marais under the theme ‘Shelter’. Conceive of, produce in partnership with artists, and install a site-specific installation.
Installation design:
Elle Flanders, Tamira Sawatzky
Josh Schomblum
Anna Friz
Project Documentation:
Dominic Nahr