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How We Work

NAMARA was born out of a need for different models of art production and presentation.

A priority for medium-agnostic, concept-driven projects underscores an enduring link to the framework imposed by contemporary art history. Equally significant is an understanding of how the languages of commerce and community converge with the vocabularies of fine art and its philosophy. It is at the points of intersection that NAMARA projects are cultivated.

NAMARA delivers cultural projects that resonate.

Who We Are

Natalie MacNamara

Natalie MacNamara

Principal & Creative Director

Natalie created NAMARA on the heels of a decade as the director of a contemporary art gallery, with the goal of presenting meaningful art in commercial and community settings. In addition to the enthusiastic representation of diverse artists, she has managed private collections; coordinated an international art exhibition and competition; exhibited with international art fairs; curated alternative art spaces; served on selection juries; and administered innumerable exhibitions. Natalie’s recent speaking engagements include the Banff Media Festival and La Nuit Des Idées at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris.

Alex Fischer

Alex Fischer

Technical Lead

Alex Fischer is a visual artist and digital designer working across multiple interfaces on personal interest and client projects. Through their career, Fischer has developed bodies of work for dissemination through commercial and public enterprises; succeeded as a digital architectural rendering designer; published in online and print publications, including a monograph, Alex Fischer (W9); and has acted as juror, mentor and speaker. In their capacity as Technical Lead, Alex contributes to conceptual and art strategy development, sees to all digital design and project mock-ups, and oversees production and logistics on client projects.


Our recent and ongoing projects include


BRANTA Canada Goose Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Greenpeace Stackt Tricon WhatsApp

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Based in Toronto, Canada.

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