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How We Work

Art can be anywhere.

Commercial and community projects are pivotal within the global professional art complex. We work outside the White Cubes of museums and galleries with the goal of increasing access to meaningful art.

NAMARA projects are cultural expressions that align audiences, identify spaces, and bring communities together.

Who We Are

Natalie MacNamara

Natalie MacNamara
Principal & Cultural Producer

Alex Fischer

Alex Fischer
Technical Lead

Our recent and ongoing projects include


BRANTA Canada Goose Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Greenpeace Stackt Tricon WhatsApp

Client & Project Press


  • Art Strategy

    • Art Programming & Curation
    • Fine Art Acquisitions
    • Commission Management
    • Custom Visual Solutions
    • Large-Scale Art Installations
    • Art and Culture based community engagement strategy
  • Collections Management

    • Catalogue development and maintenance
    • Inventory Management
    • Fair Market Research
    • Insurance Reports
  • Artist Services

    • Project / Installation production
    • Proposal Building & Design
    • Commercial strategy development
    • General consultation
    • Budget development and Management
  • Art Direction

    • Concept Development
    • Creative Approach
    • Design Oversight
    • Visual Style
    • Production
  • Art Planning & Placement

    • Site Planning for Artwork & Accessories
    • Collaboration with Design & Architectural Teams
    • Art Handling, Transportation & Installation
  • Project Management

    • Contract and Licenses Management
    • Stakeholder Facilitation
    • Logistics
    • Budget Oversight
    • Commissions production documentation
  • Technical Services

    • Site Documentation
    • Rendering from floorplans
    • To-scale mockups

Organizations We Support

Kinngait Collaborators Nia Centre Boreal Collective MBAM

Namara is based in Toronto, Canada.

+1 (416) 275–5744