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NAMARA delivers cultural projects that resonate with audiences searching for meaning in an ephemeral pop up landscape.

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How We Work

We bring complementary skills, a shared history and a philosophy-driven strategy to each project. Our common language is art and we care deeply about how visual communication informs culture and fosters community.

Our network of artists and creators is extensive and international, as is our resource of art handlers, shippers and logisticians.

With experience and intuition, NAMARA builds the right team for each project.

Who We Are

Natalie MacNamara

Natalie MacNamara

Principal & Creative Director

Natalie created NAMARA on the heels of a decade as the director of a contemporary art gallery, with the goal of presenting meaningful art in commercial and community settings. In addition to the enthusiastic representation of diverse artists, she has managed private collections; coordinated an international art exhibition and competition; exhibited with international art fairs; curated alternative art spaces; served on selection juries; and administered innumerable exhibitions. Natalie’s recent speaking engagements include the Banff Media Festival and La Nuit Des Idées at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris.

Alex Fischer

Alex Fischer

Technical Lead

Alex Fischer is a visual artist and digital designer. In his art practice, he creates prints and paintings with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Inspired by process-based image makers and new realist philosophies, Fischer considers the image as a potential bridge between ideas, peoples, and cultures. His chosen approach of assisted collage serves as media melting pot for the practice of Artography: a hybrid form of action research creating its rigour through continuous reflexivity (taking account of itself), discourse analysis, and hermeneutic inquiry (concerning interpretation). Essentially, Fischer makes images that encourage the viewer to consider false dichotomies and spectrums of possibility. In addition to his conceptual work, Fischer creates digital renderings of physical spaces and previously lent his skills to an architectural rendering firm and a number of contemporary galleries in Toronto and abroad.


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